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About Us

Welcome to Green Ribbons – Moray's mental health training and coaching service, passionately dedicated to making a positive impact on the mental well-being of our communities.
Green Ribbons is dedicated to delivering high-quality Mental Health First Aid training in Scotland, empowering individuals to recognise mental health challenges, provide support, and foster a culture of empathy and understanding. By tying together knowledge, empathy, and resilience our accessible mental health training promotes understanding, reduces stigma, and enables individuals, businesses and communities to prioritise mental well-being. Everyone benefits from Mental Health Awareness Training. Together we can unravel the threads of Mental well-being

Our Experience

Founded by a coach and trainer with 30 years experience in Mental Health settings, Green Ribbons specialises in delivering comprehensive Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) courses tailored to the unique needs of Scotland's diverse population.

Our Values

We believe that equipping individuals and organisations with the knowledge and skills to recognise and respond to mental health issues is a vital step towards fostering resilience and empathy within our society.

Empowering Minds: Our Goal

Our Mission

At Green Ribbons, our mission is to empower individuals, communities, and businesses across Scotland by providing high-quality mental health training and coaching services. We aim to reduce stigma, promote mental well-being, and create a supportive environment where everyone can flourish. Together we can unravel the threads of mental well-being.

Crafting Compassionate Connections

Our Approach

Our certified trainer has extensive experience in the field of mental health, and they are dedicated to delivering engaging, interactive, and evidence-based training programmes. We combine traditional teaching methods with innovative approaches to ensure that our participants not only gain knowledge, but also develop the confidence and practical skills needed to make a real difference.

Why Train with Green Ribbons?

Unraveling the Threads of Mental Well-being

We believe in empowering individuals and communities throughout Scotland to create a mentally healthier future by providing accessible, evidence-based mental health education and support. We are committed to breaking down stigmas, fostering compassionate environments, and equipping people with the tools they need to nurture resilience and positive mental well-being

Our Experience
  • 30 Years working within the Mental Health sector
  • Experience across a range of Third-Sector Organisations
Our Specialties
  • Scotland’s Mental Health First Aid (SMHFA)
  • Tailored SMHFA Training
  • Individual Mental Health Awareness Modules
  • One-to-one Training & Coaching
Our Approach
  • Empathy & compassion
  • Inclusive
  • Evidence-based and up-to-date
Our Areas
  • Moray
  • Highland
  • Aberdeenshire
  • Aberdeen City
  • …across Scotland

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Call us for an Informal chat about Scotland’s Mental Health First Aid and Mental Health Awareness Training

  • We can discuss how SMHFA can benefit your organisation and explore options



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