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Mental Health Training from Green Ribbons

We are passionate about promoting mental health awareness and creating supportive environments in workplaces and communities. Our wide range of Mental Health training courses are designed to empower individuals from diverse backgrounds and industries with the knowledge and skills needed to identify, understand, and support those experiencing mental health issues. Whether you’re new to the field or seeking targeted training for your sector, we are committed to delivering engaging and informative courses tailored to your needs.

Scotland’s Mental Health First Aid

Our core MHFA program, Scotland’s Mental Health First Aid, provides comprehensive training that equips participants with a fundamental understanding of mental health issues, early warning signs, and effective intervention strategies. This foundational course is suitable for individuals from all backgrounds, promoting mental health awareness and fostering supportive environments in diverse workplaces and communities.

Scotland’s Mental Health First Aid Tailored to Sectors

Recognising the unique challenges faced by professionals in specific industries, we offer tailored MHFA training courses for sectors such as Veterinarians, Farmers, Gamekeepers, and Firefighters. These customised programs address sector-specific stressors and mental health concerns, providing targeted strategies for managing and supporting mental well-being within each industry.

Three-Hour Modules Adapted from Scotland’s Mental Health First Aid

For those seeking focused training on specific aspects of mental health, we offer a series of three-hour modules, building upon Scotland’s Mental Health First Aid training. These modules cover core components such as Attitudes towards Mental Health Issues, Anxiety, Depression, Psychosis, Self-harm and Listening Skills, enabling participants to develop confidence in key areas of mental health support.

Scotland’s Mental Health First Aid (SMHFA)

A powerful training initiative designed to educate and empower individuals to identify, understand, and respond to mental health issues within their communities.

Tailored SMHFA

Custom programs built around the particular needs and issues faced by a range of Sectors.

Individual Modules

A range of three-hour courses covering nine area’s of Mental Health Awareness & Support

SMHFA courses equip participants with essential skills and knowledge to offer timely and effective assistance to those in need, ultimately contributing to a more compassionate and resilient society. Courses are led by experienced, certified instructors who are continuously quality assessed by Public Health Scotland.
SMHFA Course tailored to particular sectors, addressing the issues, factor and stresses in each:

A range of Stand-alone modules addressing important issues in Mental Health First Aid:

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