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Scotland’s Mental Health First Aid (SMHFA)Training. Tailored for Specific Sectors

These versions of Scotland’s Mental Health First Aid are tailored for specific sectors, where we provide targeted training designed to address the unique mental health challenges faced by individuals in various industries and professions. Recognising that mental health issues can manifest differently depending on the environment and circumstances, our specialised modules offer practical knowledge and skills to effectively support colleagues, employees, and peers within their respective sectors. By completing these tailored modules, you’ll be better prepared to foster a more understanding and supportive workplace culture, contributing to overall employee well-being and success.

In this section, you’ll find an array of modules customised for sectors such as Veterinarian staff, Gamekeepers, Farming Staff and more. Each module combines foundational mental health first aid principles with sector-specific insights, ensuring that you’re equipped with the tools and strategies most relevant to your field. As you progress through the modules, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of the unique stressors and mental health risk factors associated with your sector, empowering you to identify and address potential concerns and create a healthier, more supportive work environment for all.

Available Tailored SMHFA Courses

SMHFA for Vet Staff

The veterinary profession has some unique stressors and challenges that can contribute to higher levels of stress and mental health issues. The emotional demands of the work, long hours and workload, financial stress, high expectations, client communication, compassion fatigue and isolation are just some of the stressors that can affect Vets.

SMHFA for Gamekeepers

Gamekeepers in Scotland face unique mental health stressors and challenges. Key stressors include isolation, long working hours, physical demands, unpredictable work schedules, public scrutiny, animal welfare concerns, financial pressures, harsh weather conditions, bureaucracy, conflict resolution, and mental health stigma.

SMHFA for Farming Staff

Farming in Scotland presents unique stressors and mental health challenges for those who dedicate their lives to it. Unpredictable weather, financial pressures, and rural isolation can take a toll on the well-being of farmers, exacerbated by changing agricultural policies and the complexities of navigating bureaucratic regulations

Why Train with Green Ribbons?

Unraveling the Threads of Mental Well-being

Green Ribbons is dedicated to delivering high-quality Mental Health First Aid training in Scotland, empowering individuals to recognise mental health challenges, provide support, and foster a culture of empathy and understanding. By tying together knowledge, empathy, and resilience our accessible mental health training promotes understanding, reduces stigma, and enables individuals, businesses and communities to prioritise mental well-being. Everyone benefits from Mental Health Awareness Training

Our Experience
  • 30 Years working within the Mental Health sector
  • Experience across a range of Third-Sector Organisations
Our Specialties
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  • Tailored SMHFA Training
  • Individual Mental Health Awareness Modules
  • One-to-one Training & Coaching
Our Approach
  • Empathy & compassion
  • Inclusive
  • Evidence-based and up-to-date
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